Saturday, 3 October 2015

Everything is not fine

I m slacking in videos again. I have face a very big problem in life and its making me lost in my way of everything I keep dear. I was told what I have done for the past few years are not worth it and I had done it in a wrong way. I just need some time to get myself back on the track before coming back with more videos. Life is just a roller coaster ride at the moment for me. And I really need the time to sort things out. I need to reset my aims and maybe my point of view in things. I have never tot that being different would be consider as wrong,  but life will always proof to me that being different is wrong. I m those who are always the one that is different from other in the way of thinking and also the way I like to behave. But I still know how to differential what is rude and not appropriate. I really do not know what is right and wrong at the moment. I am sorry for everything. I ll come back as soon as I sort things out.

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  1. I visited your blog to download the Jjiji cat pattern and decided to read your updates. I'm so sorry you feel things are not going well for you. But, let me tell you as a woman in her 50's, things do get better with time and age. Sometimes we are faced with people or situations that make us feel bad, but we can get past all that as long as you don't take to heart how hurtful people can be. YOur not alone in how you feel, we all go through times like this. Keep a positive outlook, and know you are doing the best you can and don't try to make everyone happy, because that's not possible. Just be happy with what you have, what you do, and stand proud. I hope to see more video's and patterns soon. I miss seeing more work from you. Take care and feel better and come back soon!! Aloha with Hugs!!