Thursday, 5 June 2014

Food making sessions

I love to bake but don't get to do it often as I m not that good and I don't have the time to make them. But I m trying my very best to make everything I love at least for once haha. They are not the best but they are still edible. I will try my very best and will share the recipe I used for them here too.

My jelly mooncakes.Its a thing for Chinese to have mooncake during mooncake festival, so i made some jelly ones which is good for hot weather in Malaysia and its less fattening than the traditional mooncakes. :P

Then I tried to make the Millie Crepe. Its a hit here in Malaysia and it cost a lot. Then I decided to give it a go. Lots of work for one cake but at least its good. I enjoyed eating it more than making it in the hot weather.

Then there is these steam buns. I love the chocolate and white steam bun( mantou) the best. They soft n fluffy and its good to eat just like that or with some jam.

Here I made a second batch. There is a little improvement on the looks of the steam buns. Both batch tastes the same. I think I will get better if i continue making them :)

There is the pizza baking session too. They were a bit sweet. I mean the dough. So I m not really happy with this one but still manage to gobble up everything :P

This muffin was make for my little sister's birthday. I m happy with these. They were yummy to eat for tea time or just for a snack.

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